Grande Auditório

11 de Novembro às 22h30


10€ (em conjunto com o concerto de Baltazar Molina)

Who is Lei/She?

A woman, halfway to middle age, searching for something real. On her search, she struggles, wriggles, learns to walk, disguises herself, reinvents herself, smiles. Immobile, frantic, unempowered, formal, normal. In order to really resemble herself, she must go beyond herself, jettison the burden of days and hours from her shoulders, reconnect with her long-lost sense of intuition, her roots, the eternal female that  lumbers inside each woman, the she-wolf on her tracks since the dawn of time. At her side, in counter-point, is Lui/He, who studies her, provokes her, tries to comprehend her journey while continuing on his own, reminding her of that certain something of every other Lei/She, every other time, every other place, she holds inside her. That the only way to come together is to begin seeing oneself as a whole, as channeled into the throbbing flow of life: creatures both fragile and forceful who conceal within themselves the mystery of existence.

LEI/SHE comes to life by (re)reading anthropology, philosophy: “Women who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “Nature, Man and Woman” by Alan W. Watts, rediscovering the search for her family at the same time in order to bind this “She” with another “She”, and other “She?s” who passed this way before her.

In LEI/SHE, dance encounters narrative and theatrical play, transformation and characterization, action, representative image, and symbol. Movement expresses unequivocal and direct communication in which the body?s daily gestures in their usual and commonplace ways progresses in the direction of archetype, and theatrical gesture and mask are sublimated in abstract movement. The result is a spare stage inhabited only by a woman?s body and a mattress, where reference to mythic figures, divinities, characters from fable, legend, and archetypes is provided alongside tangible images of daily life. Sanpapié returns to its origins, in pursuit of the more intimate and concentrated narrative dimension it has explored so widely in the past, presenting a solo for woman?s body whose heart beats in perpetual dialogue with choreography, drama, and music, and deep relationship with objects and symbols in their evocative power.

Ficha Técnica e Artística

A performance by Marcello Gori and Lara Guidett

Choreography and Interpretation: Lara Guide

Dramatic Composition and Music: Marcello Gori

Scene Photos: Alessandro Brasile

A Sanpapié Production With contribution from Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities – Live entertainment.





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