Touching Souls – Kabeção

Touching Souls – Kabeção

Touching Souls


4 de Maio 2018


Bilhete Normal: 10€
Bilhete Com Desconto: 5€ (Descontos para estudantes, profissionais do espectáculo, maiores de 65 anos, reformados e desempregados)

Humano, Músico, Viajante, Explorador de som e Compositor, Kabeção volta a Portugal como uma das novas revelações de 2018.
Depois da uma incrivel Tour, das inúmeras viagens pelo mundo e de ser finalista do Got Talent Portugal, Kabeção faz a sua estreia do tão esperado album em Portugal.
‘Touching Souls’ é um album cheio de histórias profundas e emoções que deixam o coração tocado.
Kabeção é um renome de cenário internacional, um dos artistas mais conhecidos e acarinhados dentro do cenário do Handpan/Pantam/Hang drum.
Este evento será algo único a não perder. Este espetáculo de lançamento terá a duração de 1h50m e terá tambem alguns convidados especiais no concerto.
O músico apresenta-se no Teatro Iberico no dia 04 de maio, o espaço está sujeito a lotação, e os bilhetes podem encontra-los nos locais habituais.


Written by: Shirin Tahmasebi

“Kabeção is a widely sought after multi-instrumentalist, master handpan player (and teacher), who plays all around the world, creates inspiring music, and performs in various settings with talented musicians from all walks of life. Kabeção’s road to stardom has been painted with memorable milestones. He was a finalist on Portugal’s “Got Talent” and his highly anticipated album, “Touching Souls” (released in September 2017), was long awaited and completely crowd-funded by music lovers and players from all around the world. “Touching Souls” exceeded expectations and goals during its conception and the album holds true to its name. It is like nothing you have experienced before. With his gentle spirit, playful nature, and emotive playing, Kabeção’s music seems to transcend time and space. He is a standalone player in terms of combining the skills of a percussionist with the great essence of a melodic storyteller, encapsulating experiences through the channels of singing steel.”

Touching Souls: Album Description:

Written by: Shirin Tahmasebi

“Touching Souls” is the debut, solo double-album by Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and pantam player, Kabeção. The album’s message shines through clearly: We have an innate need to touch, and to be touched. To connect our souls in love, as we share our gifts. This is “Touching Souls”… an invitation to feel, a call to consciousness, a heartfelt gift. The album is a collection of personal stories and memories presented as an emotional narrative of songs that unfold into an immersive soundscape, where the transparency of the pantam is experienced in its totality. Kabeção makes a profoundly moving musical statement that speaks to our precious co-existence and to the transformative power of love and music. Through what feels like an open channel of sound, this message is delivered with passion, each track commanding attention like a glimmering jewel. Storylines intertwine as Kabeção takes us through a range of emotions: from desire to destruction, and from peaceful surrender into the gentle flow of creation. “Touching Souls” is a poetic journey that mirrors the sacred, cyclical-nature of human life. Each individual sound carries deep meaning as they each flex, flow, shift, and vibrate. “Touching Souls” is a collection of musical blueprints expressing a connection between our inner and outer worlds.

Kabeção presents thematic vibrations full of feelings-in-motion, filling the ears with unfiltered, universal truths. Complementing the album’s cosmic artwork in its opening sequence, Kabeção begins with the impactful, embryonic sound images with metaphorical characteristics. Using heartfelt touch, he carries us into an audiotale of the mind’s eye. Like a crystal prism that bends, beams, and breaks into light as it travels, so does Kabeção’s dynamic exploration of the pantam. Totemical rhythms, ancestral melodies, and vibrant motifs give this album unforgettable quality: raw in nature, honest, and intuitive. Moments of haunting silence transform into breathtaking, melodic sustains. Swift releases become smooth musical narrative that moves like the wind. For the duration of the album, the listener is invited to experience illusory moments of colour, light, and parts of the subconscious dancing together in the form of singing steel. Kabeção’s distinctive and unparalleled style of playing the pantam, gives way to a powerful performance in this album that serves as a stand-alone listening experience: Impermanent and ever-changing, it leaves an imprint on the heart and mind, yet still gives space for our own stories, dreams, and emotions.


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