Under 25 Presents “The Golden Triangle”

Under 25 Presents “The Golden Triangle”

Under 25 Presents “The Golden Triangle”

22 Setembro



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On 13th July 2017, 11 artists from Spain, Portugal and the UK will share the final results of a programe of three residencies at Islington Mill in Salford, Greater Manchester.
This performance is the third in a series of performances, each of which has showcased the work of the preceding residency. This particular show takes material from the previous residencies and combines it with new material generated during the period in Manchester and inspired by the Laboratory week where professional artists worked alongside the residents to share practice and run workshops to provide new tools and techniques to support their performance creation.
This show takes the notion of a cult of artists as its thread and sees them explore what it is to be Under 25 and an artist in Europe in 2017. The show features music, videography, live performance and installation. After the show in Manchester, this show will tour to Valencia and Lisbon in September.

Ficha Técnica e Artística:

Companhias / Estruturas envolvidas: Companhia João Garcia Miguel (PT); Escuela del Actor (SP); La Rambleta (SP); Peshkar (UK)

Directores Artísticos: Andrés Poveda (SP); Jim Johnson (UK); João Garcia Miguel (PT)

Tutores Artísticos das residências: Jaume Ibáñez (SP); Sara Ribeiro (PT); Steph Meskell-Brocken (UK)

Performers: Bill Duffy; Cristina Martínez García; Damon Coherton; Fábio Vaz; Fay Beesley; Noel Conde Ribas; Paula Pachon; Pedro Ó Parente; Pepa Roig Camarasa

Outros participantes ao longo do projecto: Bhavesh Jadva; Carolina Varela; Gloriya Ghosteyeva; Luna Rebelo; Matthew Harrison-Lord Rita Rocha Silva;



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