Workshop Lara Guidetti

Workshop Lara Guidetti

Workshop Lara Guidetti

6 e 7 de Novembro

Das 15h00 às 18h00

Limite de Inscrições: 12 pessoas


Lara Guidetti, She studied at the “Dramatic Art School Paolo Grassi”, and while attending the school she has worked with Italian and international choreographer such as Emio Greco, Andèe Manvielle, Luciana Melis, Franco Brambilla, Reinhild Hooffman, Ida Kuniaki, Lucinda Child, Sarah Taylor and Susanna Beltrami. After the bachelor she signed choreographies for several important dance and theatrical productions for Teatro Dal Verme, Venice Biennale Teatro, I teatri Reggio Emilia, Castel dei Mondi Festival – Andria, Bergamo Scienza, CRT – Teatro dell?Arte Milan. She also worked several times with Italian director Massimo Navone and actor Franco Branciaroli. She improved her training with various artists like André Manvielle, Emio Greco PC, Virgilio Sieni, MK, Rimas Tuminas, Carolina Boluda, Paz Rojo, Idoia Zabaleta, Antonio Tagliarini and Filipa Francisco. She has worked as choreographer and actor-trainer for theatrical productions for various festival and productions like Venice Biennial, In 2006 she gave birth – together with Sarah Chiarcos and Fabio Ferretti – to the Dance and physical theatre company Sanpapié. With Sanpapié she has signed coreographies for many shows and performances that have been presented, toured and awarded in Italy, Uk, Spain, Germany, France and China. In 2012 she was committed by the Spanish producer Artes Escenica for the show “Los virtuosos – Gran Gala de la Danza”. The show was a tribute to the greatest choreographer in 20th century that was presented all over Spain. Her show “I Am Son” – a 2012 Sanpapié production that was produced thanks to Eu funded project “Island in the net” – was selected for the “Contemporary Italian dance showcase” at Edinburgh fringe Festival 2012 – Dance Base program and it was the Italian show presented at the VI Theater Olympic in Beijing 2014. She currently teaches contemporary dance and physical theatre in three dance academy in Milan. In 2014 and 2015 she worked as performer and assistant with Marianna Kavalieratos, Jonah Boaker and Robert Wilson.


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